Our principles

  • Clarity
  • Unambiguity
  • Consistency
  • Uniformity (use of sector-specific terms and expressions)
  • Translatability
  • Terminology
  • Observance of grammar rules

Close Interaction

The creation of technical documentation for extremely complex systems requires close contact with the car manufacturer.

On Site

Our technical writers research the content of the documents they are compiling at the customer's site in conjunction with car mechanics. This allows us to produce accurate technical documents with great attention to detail.

Tight Deadlines

Our technical writers prepare documentation for brand new products to tight deadlines to ensure that the documents are ready for the launch of the product.


At GlobalDocu, our technical writers are experts in their field.

Thanks to their training as technicians, foremen, engineers or similar, our writers have appropriate skills as well as in-depth technical knowledge.

They also have an average of over eight years' experience in documentation. They can formulate technically accurate and practice-oriented content at the same time as using the correct terminology.


When producing technical documentation, we at GlobalDocu work efficiently and cost-effectively. Our technical writers use writing solutions such as modular structuring in order to keep track of repetitive terms and basic data.

Using this kind of system means that only a single document – or even just a part thereof – needs to be modified in order to update all affected documents.

This saves time and reduces our costs, which is, of course, of great benefit to our customers.